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Our Program Descriptions

The Los Angeles Unified School District offers a wide variety of California Department of Education Child Development and Special Education Programs that provide high quality developmentally appropriate environments addressing the social-emotional, physical, cognitive and language needs of young children.  The program this center offer is full-day general child care and development program for ages 2-5 year old children.  Families must meet state-determined income criteria as well as be eligible for this program.

Enrollment Procedures:  The Los Angeles Unified School District, Early Childhood Education programs receive both state and Federal funds and follow regulations as set forth in Title 5, California Code of Regulations and Title 22, California Child Care licensing requirements.  The regulations regarding enrollments and admission follow:

Eligibility List is maintained at the Early Childhood Education program site.  The term "Eligibility" is used because families are ranked by eligibility factors established for California subsidized child care and education programs.  Families whose children are receiving child protective services or whose children are at risk of being neglected or abuse are admitted first.  Next are families in accordance with family income, with the lowest per income ranking admitted first.  Eligible 4 year old children are admitted before eligible 2 and 3 year old children.

Please contact our office manager Mr. Olvera at (323) 221-1008 if you have any questions regarding enrollment.